4 less known road rules you have to obey in Romania

When planning a trip abroad you always need to make a good research on many aspects, weather, food, prices, social and cultural habits. Especially when you travel by car you have to know what road rules you need to obey during your stay. Most of them are similar as in any other EU country, but others are specific to Romania. We deliver any car anywhere in Romania through our complete service


1. Lights on national road or outsides the cities

In many EU countries drivers have to turn on the lights only at night. In Romania, you have to turn them on outside the cities no matter if it’s morning or night on national roads. Before 2020, drivers were required to use the lights only on highways or express roads, but rules have changed and now and national roads were included on the list. If police stops you because you don’t have the lights turned on, you’ll probably only get a warning.

2. The vignette is mandatory outisde the cities

Romania is amongst the opt european countries that require the purchase of a vignette (Bulgaria, Ungaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland are the other seven). You can buy it from any gus station after you cross the border or when you leave a city and travel on national roads. You can also pay online at https://www.erovinieta.ro/.


3. Winter tires are mandatory on snow

It may be December or January, but you don’t have to put you’re winter tires if it didn’t snowed. The law in Romania doesn’t say at what temperature or at what calendar date you have to have winter tired. The only thing mandatory is to have them on, if there is snow on the ground. Of course, we know that when the temperature drops below 7 degrees the usual grip of the tires decreases and the best idea is to put the winter tires. The best prices on the market for BMW models. Check the list and reserve a car

4. Technical inspection for old cars

Since 2018 in Romania there is a new rule – every car that is older than 12 years has to go to a technical inspection. If big problems are found and they can’t be solved by a mechanic that car won’t be allowed to move anymore. For new cars things are different – the technical inspection has to be made every three years.

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