4 things you need to know about The Happy Cemetery from Săpânța

Who said that the death of someone shouldn’t be a sad moment but a time to remember and, why not, to celebrate that person’s life and achievements? In Săpânța, in Maramureș, Romania, they went even further and at the village cementary, the Merry Cemetery from Săpânța they treat the death of someone with humor, sometimes roasting some of that person’s flaws. In Săpânța the cemetery is an open-air museum because of the unique painted tombstones wich also include funny poems about the deceased. Check out the latest Caroutis deals. You have Dacia Logan at a great price!


1. Why to go to the Merry Cemetery from Săpânța?

If you’re planning on visiting the North of Romania you shouldn’t miss the Merry Cemetery from Săpânța. It is not hard to get to and not very faraway there are two big cities with airport (Satu Mare at one hour and half and Cluj-Napoca at three hours and a half). You can also include it your road trip if your are visiting Romania by car. You’ll see a unique way of interpretating the death of someone. The cemetery is famous for the naive paintings of the tombstones and the poems that acompany the paitings. Each tombstone is colored in blue and has a representation of a an important scene from the deceased’s life.

2. The legend of the cementery

The unusual of this place is the perspective on death. In most of the world’s cultures, the death of someone represents a solemn moment, but in the cemetery of Săpânța things are different. Its creator took inspiration from the Dacian culture which saw death as a moment of joy and believed that the soul is immortal and death will only lead to a better life. We deliver any car anywhere in Romania through our complete service


3. Who is the creator?

Stan Ioan Pătraș (1908 – 1977) was a wooden artist which cretaed the cemetery. The first tombstone crosses were sculpted în 1935 and by the end of his life he painted more than 700 tombstones. The tradition of the cemetery is now being continued by the disciples of Stan Ioan Pătraș.

4. The uniqueness of the place was recognized at an international level

Due to its unique specific he Săpânța cemetery is one of the great values ​​of universal culture. At the Symposium of Funerary Monuments, held in the US in 1998, it was ranked first in Europe and second in the world after the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

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