5 beautiful places to visit in Romania by car

Romania is one of the best countries in the world, it has it all!” This is what our geography teachers used to tell us in school. And by „all” they meant high, spectacular mountains, winding hills, endless plains, one gorgeous delta and 245 kilometers of beautiful shore at the Black Sea. This is the legacy we have from nature! But this is not all. When you put together the wonders and the skills of men, unique spots come to light. Premium cars for rent at low prices. Check the offer!

In Romania the best way to travel is by car. Even the roads are not always the best, the landascapes that „show up” around every corner worth the effort. Here are some ‘must see’ places in our country.

5 beautiful places to visit in Romania by car

Transfăgărășan – you wouldn’t want to miss the road that the guys from Top Gear consider to be “the best driving road în the world”. It crosses the highest, most spectacular mountains în Romania, Făgăraș Mountains. Its highest altitude is 2045 m and along its 91 km you will find breathtaking views at every step. It was built between 1970-1974 and was set to make the connection between Muntenia and Transylvania as a strategic military road. The story of how it was built it’s also interesting and sad and is waiting for you to discover it.
NB: you must know that Transfăgărășan is open only from July to November, but this period can be changed by the authorities if the weather asks it.

Delta Dunarii – it’s the spot where the Danube flows into the Black Sea and it’s the newest land in Romania. It began to form just 6000 years ago and it is considered to be the best preserved Delta in Europe. From the landscapes (you will be practically taking pictures of everyhing you see), to the fauna (3500 species), the vegetation (1700 species) and the food (fish-bades cuisuine) everything will be impressive there. You will visit this giant natural „museum” from a boat so you will leave your car in a parking lot and start the adventure through the canals.

The best is to have two or three days to visit this natural attraction and find a local guide to show you the wildlife from the Danube Delta, maybe even cook for you and offer you accomodation.

Sibiu – one of the most charming cities in Romania, Sibiu was included by Forbes in the top of the cities to visit in 2020. Also known as Hermannstadt (its German name), Sibiu is 6th in the ranking. It is situated in the heart of Romania, în Dracula’s Transylvania, being easy to get to from any part of the country. Sibiu dates from the 12th Century and has a splendid medieval baroque architecture, with lots of proves of the old fortified complex that used to be. Don’t miss the Grand Square, the Small Square, the Bridge of Lies, Brukenthal Museum (one of the oldest in the world).


Painted Monasteries in Bucovina – Situated in the North of Moldavia (North-East of Romania) Bucovina is a great place to visit, because of its natural beauties but also thanks to the jewels created by men. The painted monasteries from the 15th and the 16th centuries are the point of interest in the area.The most beautiful and well-preserved ones are Suceava, Sucevița, Voroneț (with its unique blue color), Moldovița, Humor, Pătrăuți. We deliver any car anywhere in Romania through our complete service

Brașov – just like Sibiu, it’s a medieval city with great baroque architecture. A Gothic attraction, the Black Church is one of the most important things to see in this city. You can also visit the famous Rope Street, the most narrow street în Romania and one of the most narrow în Europe. Brașov is considered to be a winter resort because very close there are some of the most important ski slopes în Romania.

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