6 great places to eat in Romania on the road side

A road trip planned in Romania implies a lot of stops, not only to visit the beauties of the country, but also to eat. An old Romanian saying says that “the road fits the traveler”, but it fits him even better with a full, happy stomach. Romania has many traditional and also very tasty dishes: meet dishes, soups, desert and many more. Here are some eating places in Romania, that you can visit for a guaranteed excellent meal. We deliver any car anywhere in Romania through our complete service


Mici de Dedulești – “mici” or in translations “littles” are a famous Romanian dish made of pork and beef or lamb meat. There are o lot of great places to eat them all across Romania, but the most famous place is at Dedulești, which is a village situated on what we call The Black Heal, somewhere halfway between Pitești and Râmnicu Vâlcea and 160 km from Bucharest, on National Road 7. It has a 30 years tradition and people eat there 5000 “mici” every day.

La Cocoșatu – it is a place famous for its great “mici”, as well, but not only. It also has an almost 30 years tradition and it is situated in Bucharest, near Băneasa airport and on the road to Henri Coandă airport. Romanian dishes are the best here! It is also a restaurant to stop to if you are on your way to the mountains.

Restaurant Sergiana Brasov – since we’ve mentioned the mountains, Sergiana is a great restaurant in the heart of Brașov (close to the famous Piața Sfatului) with over 25 years of experience. It offers a Romanian menu being well known for the fact that they grow vegetables and animals in their own farm. Therefore they only use local ingredients with current cooking tecniques.


Butoiul de Aur Sibiu – we stay in Transylvania for the next stop. Butoiul de Aur (The Golden Barrel) is believed to be the oldest restaurant in Romania. You can find it visiting the gorgeous, medieval city of Sibiu and according to the first reading certification, the building “The Golden Barrel” was built back in 1542. The legend says that even Mihai Viteazu, the ruler that first unified the Romanian Principalities at the beginning at the 16th Century, ate there. You just have to go and enjoy their Romanian cuisine mixed with history flavor.

Pescaria lui Matei – having a 245 km of shoreline at the Black Sea, Romania developed a great fishing cuisine, as well. If you happen to be on your way to the south of the Romanian seaside you can always stop at Pescăria lui Matei. It is situated between Agigea and Eforie Nord and has a great view – you can find it right on the seafront. It is known both for the quality of the dishes and for the service and hospitality of the hosts, who have invested a lot of soul in an authentic fish restaurant.

Caru’ cu Bere – in translation “The Beer Wagon”, Caru’ cu Bere is believed to be the oldest beer hall in Bucharest. Its history began more than 130 years ago and you don’t have to miss it when you visit the historical center of Bucharest. Of course, they don’t only serve beer, but also the most tasty Romanian dishes. Their beer is made using an 100% original recipe, which is also 130 years old.

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