Everything about Dacia Logan, Romania’s national car

With a 16 years history on the worldwide market, Dacia Logan is Romania’s best-selling car. Since its launch back in 2004 is estimated that more than 4 milion cars were sold in the world. Dacia Logan is a compact car that is produced by Renault and its subsidiary from Romania, Dacia being manufactured in Mioveni (Romania), but also in Argentina, Brazil, Marocco, Russia, Turkey, Colombia, India and Iran in Renault plants. Dacia Logan is produced as sedan, notchback, pick-up or station-wagon. Check out the latest Caroutis deals. You have Dacia Logan at a great price!

Being produced in many countries worldwide, Dacia Logan has been marketed under many names, depending on the country was manufactured in: Renault Logan, Nissan Aprio, Mahindra Verito, Lada Largus, Nissan NP200, Renault Tondar 90.

In the same time, excepting Romania there many countries from Europe, Africa and Asia where the car is sold as Dacia Logan (where Renault has a subsidiary): Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, Morocco etc.

29th of September was the big day for Dacia. The 3rd generation of Dacia Logan had its official launch, together with the 3rd generation of Sandero and Sandero Stepway. Dacia has prepared a lot of substantial changes regarding especially the design and the technologies used. Is is believed that due to the access to the latest technologies this new models represent the biggest leap that Dacia has made since its establishment over 50 years ago.

What’s most impressive at a first sight is the modern, fresh design, with LED headlights, which immediately attract attention with the brand’s new luminous signature, the inverted Y-shaped line.


Even we know that on european markets, Dacia Logan won’t be available anymore, the new model is making a huge step in what regards the body, which is more fluid and more elegant.
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The 3rd generation of Dacia Logan (as is the case for Sandero and Sandero Stepway) won’t be available with diesel engines which is mostly explained by the disapperance of the demand of this type of engine. Another important detail is about the STOP&START technology used on all the new engines, which certainly helps saving gas.

This new Logan model comes with a very good security system – an emergency brake which is operational at a speed between 7-1700km/h and is based on a radar in the front of the car that detects a car moving or parked that might be dangerous for the vehicle in motion. In case of danger two things will happen: in the first place the system emits a wrning sound accompanied by a message displayed on the dashboard and than the braking force increases. The car will stop if the speed was low or will slow down if the speed is very high.

Another important detail is the blind spot warning system that is active between 30 and 140 km/h. This sensor will warn if there is a risk of collision during the lane change maneuvers, sideways or behind and it based on a four ultrasonic sensors.


The new Logan is a bit longer than the one launched in 2012. It is 4.39 meters length while the ground clearance is 13.5 cm. The trunk is bigger now – it has a capcity of 528 liters and comes with a very practical trunk organizer.

And the last but not least is the multimedia system which is simple and ingenious but in the same time, inexpensive. The system can be controlled from the satellite buttons on the steering wheel and displays basic information between the dashboard clocks. It comes with a bluetooth connection, which allows the mobile phone to turn into a control display.

We know almost everything about the new model, except its price. The commercial launch will take place sometime at the end of November or at the begining of December. By than we’ll know for sure the price and when we’ll be able to buy the new Dacia Logan.

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