Five underrated places to visit in Romania that are not crowded at all

In such difficult times like the ones we are living right now, safety comes first. We are often scared of going în one place or another because it might be dangerous meeting with many people, but we still want go out and enjoy nature. Romania has many things to offer starting with big crowded cities and tourist attractions that are full of people almost anytime, but it also has hidden spots that most of the people don’t know about and are perfect to visit. Premium cars for rent at low prices. Check the offer!

Five underrated places to visit in Romania

1. Corbii de Piatră – this is the first that comes into my mind because it’s the oldest cliff dweling in the whole country, therefore it has a big historical relevance. It is situated in Argeș County, in Jgheaburi village and it is an 14th Century old monastery that was entirely carved out of a 30 meter high and 14,5 meter long rock. After you visit the interior of the monastery (where services are held daily) you can climb the stairs from the left side of the entrance and go to the cross that lies on the top of the huge rock. You’ll have a great view from there.

2. Secuiului Stone, Rimetea village and Trascăului Citadel – this three gorgeous spots can be found în Alba County, about 60 kilometers south from Cluj-Napoca and also 60 kilometers north from Alba-Iulia. It is said that Rimetea is one of the most beautiful villages in Romania due to its position between the mountains, due to its architecture and its old traditions that are still well honored. Secuiului Stone lies just above the village and it is a calcareous masiff which gives a breathtaking view both from the village and the top of the hill. To climb it you have to make a two hours trip but it’s worth the effort. Only three kilometers away from the village you can find Trascău Citadel/Colțești Citadel. It is a medieval castrum that was built at the and of the 13th Century, and even though now there are just ruins, the place is incredibly beautiful. We went there in June and the scenery was unbelievable – with flowers of dozens of colors and the citadel lying majestically on the hill… To get there you don’t have to climb, it is just a 40 minutes walk, but you can even go by car, till five minutes away from the ruins.

3. Babele de la Ulmet / Trovanții de la Ulmet – this is a less known spot than Babele from Bucegi Mountains, but still spectacular. It can be found în Buzău County, 50 kilometers away from the city of Buzău, going to Brașov. Considering the dictionary definition „trovanții” are elipsoidal portions of a layer of sand or crumbly sandstone, cemented by the calcareous waters. What makes the place spectacular is the almost perfect sferical shape of some of the stones. You might think they aren’t naturally created, but they are. This is how the legends came up…the alien legends 🙂 We deliver any car anywhere in Romania through our complete service


4. Cetățuia Negru Vodă Monastery – also known as the Romanian Meteora, the area where you can find Cetățuia Negru Vodă is situated in Argeș County, only 20 km away from Câmpulung Muscel and 130 km away from Bucharest. Why Romanian Meteora? Because of the unusual rocky landscape. The Monastery was built at an altitude of 881 meters and the hill that „hosts” it is full of caves cut out in the rock hundreds of years ago by old monks. You have to keep in mind that the caves aren’t accessible unless you have proper equipment. The trip to Cetățuia Negru Vodă lasts more or less than 40 minutes, depending on your fitness, but it’s mostly through the woods, which makes the trip easier. You can think at the ascent to the top like at a initiatory road because it reproduces the stops that Jesus took on his way to Golgotha hill. Once you get to the top you can feel the special energy of the place. You can visit the Monastery of which they say was used by Negru Vodă to hide from the ottomans, but also the room that is believed that it was used by the Thracian God, Zamolxes. Close to the Monastery there is The Cross of Wishes, where people write down on paper their wishes and after spending some quiet time there, it is said that they will come true.

5. Prejmer Citadel – it is a spectacular fortified citadel that is believed to be the best preserved church-citadel from the Eastern Europe. The church was built by the teutonic knights back at the begining of the 13th Century and later, in the 15th Century the german citizens from Prejmer started the fortifications because of the Ottoman invasions. The citadel has the shape of a circle with thick walls of three of four meters. The citadel has 275 small rooms that were at first used by the monks. Later, they became rooms for the supplies of the villagers.

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