Top 5 best family SUVs to rent in Romania

When you want to rent a car you mostly want to choose one that makes you feel safe. Since in Romania, the roads are not always the best, a good choice, would be a SUV, especially if you are planning on taking a long trip. This type of car is the best especially if you travel with your family and you have a lot of baggage. Premium cars for rent at low prices. Check the offer!

Top 5 best family SUVs to rent in Romania

Here are some of the best choices, if you count the report quality-price:

1. Dacia Duster – 150 horse power, 100km/h reached in 10.4 seconds and a maximum speed of 191km/h. These are the numbers of the fastest Duster, TCe 150. As it is fast, the SUV created by Dacia is also safe and confortable, perfect for a family trip. And we know that a trip means also adventure and Dacia Duster is one adventurous “lady” by its design which highlights its bold character.

2. Suzuki Vitara – is a rather small SUV, but it’s perfect to rent for your trip. Vitara is a great mix between a powerful car and a friendly one that can ensure a most pleasant car experience. Have I mentioned the spacious luggage compartment? You won’t have to worry about the space not being enough for your wife’s bags.

Best family SUVs to rent in Romania

3. Renault Kadjar – speaking of luggage, it’s like Kadjar was designed for long family trips. In terms of design it is a sport car, but otherwise the French constructor focused all its attention on confort. We deliver any car anywhere in Romania through our complete service

4. Nissan Qashqai – it’s one of the most popular SUVs in Europe and it used to be Nissan’s bestseller. Qashqais are very solid on the high way, are safe and confortable which makes them an ideal option to rent when you travel with friends or with your family.

5. Kia Sorento – you may found your SUV if you are looking for a well-equipped and extremely spacious car. It’s worth saying that its fourth generation already won the prize of the best 4×4 car of the year 2020. With the new Kia Sorento, the quality of road you are driving on, doesn’t matter. Off road trips benefit of the new “Terrain Mode” which helps with the a better traction on mud, snow, sand etc.

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