TOP five biggest airports in România

Travelling by plane is obviously the fastest but also the safest way to go from one place to another. When you choose a place you want to visit is important to find if there is an airport near by so you can fly to there and than rent a car. In Romania there are 11 international airports with Henri Coandă from Bucharest being the biggest and the busiest from them all. We deliver any car anywhere in Romania through our complete service

The number of passengers transiting the Romanian airports exploded in the past 10 years. We’ve considered the biggest 5 airports in Romania and here are the numbers: 8.5million passengers in 2009 to 21 million in 2019. As you know sometimes is cheaper travelling by plane than by car or by train and this is true also when you want to travel from one city to another inside Romania.


Henri Coandă Airport (Otopeni – Bucharest. IATA code: OTP) – this is the biggest airport in Romania and maybe the best idea to consider when travelling from abroad. The capital of Romania is always an option for you to start your trip in Romania, but if you plan on going to the west side of the country you can consider one of the options below. Almost 15 million people travelled from or to Henri Coandă airport in 2019 this airport being the one in Romania with the most flying connections and destinations. 39 airlines fly from or to Henri Coandă (including Tarom the Romanian national airline). Premium cars for rent at low prices. Check the offer!

Avram Iancu Airpot (Cluj Napoca. IATA code: CLJ) – the second biggest city has, obviously, the second biggest airport. Almost 3 million people left the country or arrived in Romania using Avram Iancu airport. Itțs the best option for you if you want to visit the North, the North-West or the center of the country.


Traian Vuia Airport (Timișoara – IATA code: TSR) – it is the westernmost airport in Romania and the third biggest one in the country. This can be a good choice if you plan on visiting the West, the South West of the country and even cities in Hungary or Serbia that are near the border. 1.6 million passengers travelled to/from Timișoara’s airport in 2019.
Iași International Airport (Iași – IATA code: IAS) – with 1.3 million passenger in 2019, Iași airport is the last one in our list with the biggest airports in Romania. It we’ll be your best choice if you plan on visiting Moldavia (the Eastern and North-Eastern part of the country).

Sibiu Internatioal Airoport (Sibiu – IATA code: SBZ) – even if it’s way smalles it is also a good idea to consider when you plan on visiting the center of the country – the beautiful cities of Sibiu and Brașov. Almost 750,000 passengers transited Sibiu Internatonal Airport in 2019.

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